Chapter 6 – The Intruder

George woke in his bed in the late hours of the night. Get up and go into the kitchen, he thought to himself. Had he heard an intruder? No. Did he need to use the bathroom? No. Was he hungry? No. Still, the feeling was compelling – get up and go . . .now!

Chapter 5 – The Insect Egg

“Tell me a story.” “What kind of story?” “I don’t know – but every time I walk into this place I feel like I’m in Story-Land. All these huge trees – all this sudden, deep quiet – all these people and their past lives – it’s another world – the world of spirits – and I always shift from the real world into my imagination when I’m here.”

Chapter 3 – The Dragons

The Nine Dragons And A Sheep might look like a standard Prague neighborhood corner beer pub from the outside, but it is not.
Certainly not standard inside at all.

The main reason is the owner – the wellspring of the enterprise, Radoslav Radek. Everyone calls him “Rado.” And sometimes “Rad-Rad, the Rowdy.”

Chapter 2 – Hello

“I hope you’re not mad or upset.” As the uproar subsided, a young woman sat down opposite George at his table. George smiled and chuckled. “Oh, no, I’ve seen Uncle Petr’s act before – he’s brilliant at mixing tragedy and comedy in his rants. So very Czech. Moreover, I like being asked – who the hell do you think you are? That’s pretty much the bottom line question, isn’t it?