The Mender of Destinies

This novel  is set in modern-day Prague, around the life of a cast of characters who are regulars of a neighborhood pub – The Nine Dragons and a Sheep. The main protagonist, George Novak, is set the task of becoming a repairer of fortunes –or, as the novel is titled, The Mender of Destinies. 

New Chapters to be released every Sunday through May!

Chapter 25 – Crisis

George is on the #9 tram – the last one of the evening. He’s been to the opening of an art show, met friends, and had a late dinner, topped off with cognac – now he’s both light-headed and light-of-heart – smiling.

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Chapter 24 – Indians

That evening, Vera and George sat on the front deck of The Nine Dragons and a Sheep, having spent the afternoon blissfully rowing around on the river, feeding swans, taking turns with the oars, comparing childhood memories of Texas.
All was calm and quiet. And then . . .

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Chapter 23 – Rowing Around

The Vera-in-the-kitchen this Saturday afternoon was another version of Vera. Not the plain, shy young woman he first met in The Dragon. Not the sleek, confident business woman who dropped by most mornings. . .

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Chapter 21 – Vera

The next afternoon – The Dragons – George and Marcus again. “OK, Marcus, you left me hanging yesterday – let’s have it.” “A question: Who is the woman I see you with from time to time?”. . .

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Chapter 20 – George Novak

It’s late afternoon. George is once again in The Dragons. A man who looks a lot like Marcus Browning walks in the door. But this man has short hair, is clean-shaven, and is wearing a navy-blue suit, a white shirt, and maroon tie. . .

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